UIC Student Ruth George Murder

19-year-old sophomore Ruth George was found unresponsive in her family owned vehicle early Saturday morning on November 23rd. It was determined her cause of death was by strangulation and was ruled a homicide.

Donald Thurman, 26, was first arrested as a person of interest and then later charged with first-degree murder and aggravated sexual assault. He confessed to the crime Sunday afternoon. Attorney James Murphy gave a detailed outline of what had occurred which led to Ruth George’s death.

Thurman repeatedly catcalled George as she was heading to the UIC parking garage. The UIC student ignored Thurman’s attempts which then angered him. He then proceeded to strangle and sexually assault George. This tragic event has led UIC students to question their safety at the university as well as how safe the school is in reality.

Some have express the need for security guards to be present in parking lots at all times. Others have suggested for cameras to be installed in all parking garages and monitored by UIC personnel. Whatever the case may be, it is unfortunate that this tragic event is the reason for questioning the campus’ safety and security.

Other conversations have been talked about regarding how women should act in those certain type of situations. Comments from different social media posts suggest women should either run or try to defend themselves. Others have said it should not be focused more on women but instead on men.

Some have said that certain men escalate situations that put women in uncomfortable or dangerous positions because they cannot bear being ignored or rejected by a woman. Others have said that if Thurman just walked away or took her silence as a ‘no,’ then nothing would have happened.

It is unfortunate, sad, and tragic that an innocent 19-year-old woman had to lose her life because of a man who could not take no for an answer. It is also sad that there is no security guard or cameras in the parking garage where this tragic event occurred. If there was a security guard or cameras being monitored live, this event could have been avoided.

Eddie Johnson’s Abrupt End

On Monday, December 2nd, Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot announced that she has fired police superintendent Eddie Johnson. His firing would be effective immediately which abruptly ends Johnson’s time as superintendent just before his retirement.

The reasons for Lightfoot’s decision are solely based on an incident involving Johnson. She called the superintendent’s actions “intolerable” and claims Johnson has misled the public.

The incident involving Johnson happened the night of October 16th leading into the early morning of the next day. A passerby found someone asleep near a stop sign. They alerted the police and officers came to find Johnson lying near the sign.

According to Johnson, he was driving home when he began to feel lightheaded and pulled over. Officers found no signs of impairment and was not administered a sobriety test. Johnson drove himself home.

Johnson’s initial claim was that he felt like his blood pressure had risen because of new medication. He had suffered a blood clot the past summer and was prescribed medicine which he thought he may have missed a dosage.c

News caught wind of the situation and began questioning the superintendent. Johnson spoke the Mayor Lightfoot and told her “he had a couple of drinks with dinner.”

Johnson launched an internal investigation into his own situation per his request. Fast forward to December 2nd, Lightfoot has fired Eddie Johnson. Lightfoot said in a press conference “”Mr. Johnson failed the hardworking members of the Chicago Police Department, he intentionally misled the people of Chicago and he intentionally misled me. None of that is acceptable.”

Mayor Lightfoot felt as if Johnson should have been fired immediately. Whether it was because he lied or some other reason, it was a bad look for the superintendent. It would have been less embarrassing for Johnson to admit his overdrinking at dinner than being fired right before retirement.

Essentially, he did lie about his situation. People sometimes have one too many drinks at dinner. That can happen to anyone. However, as a superintendent of a major city, it can be an unpleasant look. Johnson’s retirement happened sooner than he wanted, but not in the way he might have pictured it.

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